RADWIN Installer Course

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In this course you will learn about the basics of RADWIN and what makes RADWIN so unique and the go to choice for unlicensed Carrier Class Equipment. You will learn how to setup, install and troubleshoot both RW2000 and RW5000 in PtP and PtMP (Manager and Web UI) as well as the physical installation on Hight Sites and building, basic interference mitigation techniques as well as basic RF Theory. On the successful completion of this course and exam you will receive an internationally recognised RADWIN certification.

What you require:

  • A stable Internet connection to run this online class, and some prior knowledge on TCP/IP Networking.
  • A Laptop with Ethernet port, full administrative rights and a RW5000 units for the in-class lab exercises.

Course Outline:

  • Full RADWIN product overview
  • RF Theory
  • LoS, NLoS, nLoS
  • Licensed vs unlicensed in PtMP
  • Management
  • Interference Mitigation
  • Layer 2 Networking
  • Link Budget

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